It has never been easier to set up a website for your company

With the business management system developed by Acubasoft, it is now much easier to create your website according to your needs, and it is much more affordable with subscriptions starting from 29 TL per month.

What is this Business Management System ?

Websites are the backbone of our business in today’s business life. So, can your business’ backbone support your growth? The Business Management System developed by Acubasoft allows you to transfer the budget you’ve allocated to create your web site to other works that will set you apart from the competition. You can build your page without any investment cost, and you can improve your page without forcing your budget thanks to the rich property pool..

Try Without Pay !

Direct your domain which you want to install the application to the following nameserver addresses and try the application freely for 7 days. For help and information, please contact us at - -

The offers of the basic content package

The basic content package is designed to meet the needs of most small and medium sized companies. With the easy to use management interface, even companies that will use web pages for the first time will be able to improve their content without any difficulty.

The Basic Content Package comes with a single language option. Company logo is optimized for the mobile friendly corporate web site template. Apart from fixed contents such as About Us, Communication Page, Contracts, etc. you can also create 10 page of content for your promotional needs. In contrast to what you can do with it, you can now easily control your contact information, your slide shows, your promotional texts, your social media accounts and all of your other content from your easy to use admin panel. You can get more effective results from the search engines with the specially created SEO Tool for every content.

Do not miss out or pay too much! Add the features you want to your page, pay for what you want

You can create your page based on your product, service or other operational needs. You do not have any investment costs, and it's up to you to terminate the features you choose when you want.

Product Management

Allow your products to be promoted by organizing them into categories. Enhance the recognition of your products by adding detailed descriptions for each product as well as features such as multiple images and document downloads in any language you want!

True Multi-Language experience

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to manage your content from just one point with several languages. With the powerful multilingual program we have developed, you will be able to promote your products and services to the world much easier

* Ready-to-use Languages: Turkish, English, German
* Any language option requested after the subscription has started can be prepared and take into service within 1 month
* The Multilanguage feature includes the word library required to use the page, and the ability of the user to enter text on the desired language. It is the responsibility of the user to enter text in that language
  • It allows you to manage the contents in all languages from a single point
  • The website does not contain any words other than the selected language on the contact page, products, services, and slides
  • The language option has no upper limit, so you can manage your page on every language you need
  • With the language-based dynamic link structure, even your links are made up of selected language words
  • You will be able to get the XML output of your products in all the languages you use
  • It allows visitors to make a transition from a particular page to the same page in other languages
  • Untranslated pages warn your visitors with "WAITING FOR TRANSLATION" warning

You are closer to the top with effective SEO tools

You are ready to come to the forefront with SEO-friendly links and the design that feed the search engines. You can also track your interactions by linking your web page to your Google Analytics account.

Gain the trust of your visitors with an SSL certificate

You can have an SSL certificate within your monthly plan without worrying about setup or the cost of the certificate. With 256-bit encryption, it gives you and your visitor confidence. Also, you will get an advantage in search engines.

* The SSL certificate requires an annual contract.
Seamlessly display on desktop, tablet, and smartphone with the responsive design template

It doesn't matter which device you visitors use to navigate the page. All the products and content on your page will be able navigated comfortably through mobile compatibility.

Show your distinction with special design and features

If you want totally special requests and a design that will make you different, we have to start working. We will provide with the budget that includes features you will use and other features that you just want to have.

Since the design and additional feature fees are independent of your monthly subscription, whichever features you use, you will have the chance to realise your special requests at affordable rates.

System requirements & Compatibility

You do not need any program other than the browser to manage your page. Both you and your visitors can use your system in all current browsers











Make an annual contract, register your domain name for free !

Make an annual contract, register your domain name for FREE. And if you wish, you can still pay on a monthly basis for the subscription !

* Free domain campaign includes .com, .com, .org, .org, .net, extensions
* The domain names with .tr extension are taken to the application process with the documents requested by METU and approval will be waited. Whether your application is approved or not, your free domain name rights will end
* The renewal fee will be the list prices on the registration deadline

Why Acubasoft ?

If you looking for
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Acubasoft Business Management System
I don’t want to pay Hosting fees
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Acubasoft Business Management System
I do not want it to be an investment cost
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Acubasoft Business Management System
I want to get FREE maintenance and updating of my page's infrastructure
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Acubasoft Business Management System
As my business develops, I want to improve on my page without investing
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Acubasoft Business Management System
I want to pay less by turning off the features I do not use
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Acubasoft Business Management System
When I want a new feature or design, don't make me build the website from scratch
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Acubasoft Business Management System
I want to get support for my special needs and I want these supports for an affordable price
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Acubasoft Business Management System
I want to get the continuity from the service given to me
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Acubasoft Business Management System

Moreover, you can end your subscription at any time !