B2C and B2B Systems

The e-commerce sector, which reached $ 2 trillion globally in 2016, is forcing us to change our conventional commercial understanding with low operating costs compared to the potential it holds. Every business that develops or sells end-user products or services has to be a part of this mechanism as either a supplier or a direct vendor in order to be in business in the future.

It is very important that you are in the right spot in this gigantic sector in order to carry your business forward, expand your customer and sales network. At first, Acubasoft determines B2B, B2C, or hybrid system that you need and then apply this system to let you become a part of this industry.

What are B2C systems ?

Business-to-consumer (B2C) systems are all programs that deliver your products and services directly to end-users through Internet access. B2C systems, or more commonly known as e-commerce systems, are among the most effective trading methods in promoting and selling products and services to consumers.

With B2C systems, you can sell products and services that you have produced or supplied from different companies. You will be able to access your customer profile directly with B2C systems that house a large number of tools for pre-sale, sales stage and after-sales process without any commitment to the vendors.

What are B2B systems?

Business-to-Business (B2B) systems are all programs developed to promote, inform and sell your products and services to intermediaries or end-sellers, and also to receive after-sales feedback from your products and services. B2B systems, known as "dealership systems", are closed sales systems, unlike known e-commerce systems. The dealer who will use the system is accredited by the company that operates the system and provides the products and services and that is included in the system. As the rules of the B2B systems are designed according to the company's sales policy, once accredited, the dealer quickly completes its operations in the system within the rules set by the company. In this respect, a significant reduction in sales follow-up time and maximization in the efficiency of human resource is expected.

A professionally operated B2B system includes productivity in the human resource, control in the sales network, much faster sales in more quantities.