Our outsourcing services

With the outsourcing services provided by Acubasoft, you can get rid of your periodic workload in high standards, within the determinable costs and without looking for human resources. You can get more effective results by focusing on the work you do, thus you can step forward with your products and services in a competitive environment.

Our outsourcing services are charged hourly or daily periods in short-time jobs, charged weekly periods in medium-term jobs, charged 2-week periods or monthly periods in long-term jobs. One week of work is 5 working days, one day of work is 8 hours. Long term outsourcing plan is charged monthly periodically and you can benefit from the service with the lowest rates according to other plans.

You own all the intellectual and property rights that you have with outsourcing. The finished product is delivered to you as open source and is not shared with third parties.

Outsourcing services provided by Acubasoft;

Programming & Software Development

  • Web based programming, software development
  • Web based automation systems
  • Integration and API applications
  • B2B solutions
  • End user targeted e-commerce & B2C solutions
  • Mobile application development

Design & Graphics

  • Web page design
  • Slide & Banner design
  • Product photo decoupage
  • Photo manipulation

Data & Analysis Operations

  • Irregular data to regular data conversion
  • Bulk data processing and editing
  • Developing tools for sharing and distributing data
  • Interpretation and analysis of the interaction between visitors and web pages

Text Editing

  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Text enhancement