Special advantages for agencies and freelancers

Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, you can provide a higher quality service in a system that is continuous to your customers by designing according to the Business Management System. Without the need to know coding, you can focus on your customers and designs with the resources we offer to the designers.

Special advantages for designers

All features of the Business Management System, including the BETA stage features, are available to the designers.You can enrich your design by using the features you want.

For the designers, the Business Management System is charged once per year independent of the number of features. Once the initial design is made, one time installation fee is charged for each renewed design. You do not have to pay for updates or hosting fees. If you need any specific features you want, you can realize the features you need with the designer at special rates.

We include designers in a special support process. In this way, we can teach how to make easy and effective designs for the system and help designers to get fast and aesthetic results.

How to design a Business Management System ?

Only HTML and CSS knowledge is enough for you to design for Business Management System. You can create your design by working on semi-styled or unstyled HTML documents that you will use. Set up your final desing and you are online.

Reasons for designers to use the Business Management System

  • During the design phase, you will focus only on your customer and your design
  • You can easily prepare complicated systems with many features and present them to your customers. And you do not even need to write a single line of code!
  • With HTML vs CSS knowledge, you can easily create designs even in a complicated system
  • You will be continuously serving your customer with a system that has affordable annual fee
  • You don’t need to know coding for special requests that are requested by your customers
  • You don’t need to pay a hosting fee
  • You don’t need to pay for updates and any development fees
  • You can show the websites that you designed among your own references