Things you can do with the Business Management System

With the Business Management System, you can be much more effective in introducing your products and services online and you will spend less time and budget for your web page.

Easy to use Admin Panel

The management panel of Acubasoft Business Management System was designed in a simple way, far from complexity. You will be able to control your content as easily as ever. The Management Panel does a lot more work and takes less time to do so. We will be ready to provide support in any situation where you need it.

Addable & Removable Features

You will be able to access the features you need during ordering or after ordering without losing time and without any extra investment costs. If you no longer need any of the features you have chosen, all you have to do is to turn it off. Thus, you will not have to pay more for a feature you do not use anymore! Even considering only this possibility, Acubasoft Business Management System is unique in terms of the service it provides.

Special Requests to the Corporation

If your corporation has requirements that you need but does not exist in the property pool, the features you want can be tailored for your system with the open to development structure of the Business Management System. While the monthly fee is sufficient for the features you select, you may request other special features and make a one-time payment with very low budgets. In this way, you can create a page as you like with very low budget.

You can prefer to have no cost or to have a special design! The choice is always yours to make

You can meet all your needs for free with the mobile-friendly Corporate Template designed for the needs of small and medium-sized organizations.For those who want to show their differences with their designs, Corporate Template is not a necessity! You can order a custom design for your institution when you are creating your order or later on. Acubasoft Business Management System works independently from the page design. You can save time and money when you have a new design on this page by not repeating your previous work on the system's infrastructure, datas, texts and translations! This efficiency provided by the Business Management System will allow you to make multiple custom designs that you can update over time with the budget you normally set aside for a website.