What is Outsourcing?

The path to expertise passes through a successful business distribution

Outsourcing is a business development model that enables businesses to focus on the service they provide or the product they produce.

Although the concept of outsourcing began to be used for the first time in the 1980s, it has become widespread in the 1990s as a management strategy and business model.

In short, being able to use the workforce outside of the enterprise and the ability to work outside of the core capabilities of the company by working with specialized 3rd party organizations is called outsourcing.

There are several important reasons for companies to outsource.

  • The need to develop their own products and services in which they compete without spending existing job execution potential for jobs outside of its own expertise.
  • To increase the quality standard of the products and services of the companies by benefiting from the required expertise of the specialist institution, company or individual.